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Create a Fundraiser and Help Kids at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Looking for a way to raise funds #ForTheKids treated at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital? You can start and manage a fundraiser on! It’s quick and easy — get started by visiting and make sure to select Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital! You can fundraise for your birthday, a special occasion, and/or if you are an associate at one of our wonderful partners just to name a few.

Your gift helps Le Bonheur purchase cutting-edge technology, develop innovative treatments and find cures for childhood illness.

Thanks in advance for your generosity — kids like Mia rely on community donations.

Mary Lorino knew something was wrong. Her 10-month-old, Mia, was making an unusual upward gaze. Mary captured the movements on video. Testing at Le Bonheur’s Infantile Epilepsy Center confirmed Mary’s fears. Mia had infantile spasms, a form of epilepsy that has long-term consequences if not treated immediately.

Fortunately for Mia, it was only three days from the onset of her first spasms to treatment, lowering her risk of permanent brain damage. Doctors started medication and her spasms dissipated within a week of their onset. She was off medication after a few months. Quick diagnosis and early intervention made all the difference for Mia.

Mia is 21 months old, medication-free and enjoys exploring the world around her. While she has mild delays in speech and gross motor skills, she is quickly closing that gap, thanks to early intervention speech and physical therapies.

“Thanks to Le Bonheur we were able to get a fast diagnosis for Mia,” said Mary. “The staff was attentive to all of our fears.”

Your support meant Mia’s family found the expert medical care their daughter needed quickly. Mia’s future looks bright because of your investment in Le Bonheur. Thank you for being our partner in this important work.