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Le Bonheur celebrtes #Children'sHospitalsWeek!

Congratulations to our local 2018 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion — Le Bonheur brain tumor patient Hunter Miller of Tupelo, Miss.

Hunter’s diagnosis at age five only temporarily slowed him down. He’s currently on the middle school teams in both of his favorite sports, basketball and baseball.

Not only is he an athlete, but he’s an amazing advocate for Le Bonheur, happily explaining to peers why he has a scar on the back of his head and educating them about his brain surgery.

His doctors hope that after six years of clear MRIs he’ll continue on tumor-free. And they have good reason to be optimistic with such an inspiring patient: they told his parents to expect a long road of recovery post surgery, but he surprised everyone by walking after a few short days of physical therapy.

Way to go, Hunter! We’re so proud of you and grateful for everything your family does for Le Bonheur! #Children’sHospitalsWeek