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Music Therapy Helped Zecari Recover

The heart never takes a break. It has one job – to pump blood throughout the body. The rest of the body is dependent on that steady beat. When a child’s heart begins to fail, childhood takes a drastic turn.

Because of your support, Zecari and her family found hope at Le Bonheur. Hope for a new heart. Hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Zecari Taylor’s 200-day wait for a new heart was filled with needle sticks and procedures. Difficult for anyone, but especially a baby. That’s why Le Bonheur’s child life team has grown to 31, including music therapist, Taylor Brown. Every time Taylor came into Zecari’s room, she would immediately perk up.

“She loves music and loves to sing,” said Zecari’s dad, Christopher. “The music therapist helped her a lot – it helped her recover faster.”

Now 2, Zecari still delights in seeing Taylor when she comes for checkups.

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